Saturday, February 27, 2016

The 27th (Loan 1-01 and 1-05 paid off)

So I was able to pay off two loans and start on a third this month. I continued putting money in my savings account to save to pay off some of the bigger balances, so I took $4166.30 out of my savings and went ahead and paid off loan 1-01.

Then I was received a quarterly bonus from work and an end of the year bonus which was very exciting because I never got the end of the year one before. You know you are obsessed with paying off your loans when you don't even think about what else you could buy with that money. So I took my entire bonus of $2623.48 to pay off what was left on my 1-05 loan which was $1109.25 taking care of that.

I added the remaining $1514.23 from that bonus, plus the $224.18 I put back from my 1/29 paycheck and paid $1738.41 on loan 1-07. I did all of this on 2/12.

Then today my auto debit went down to $62.73 a month since I paid off those 2 other loans. I still like to pretend that my loan payment is $200 a month so I put the difference of $137.27 towards loan 1-07 too.

I have 3 loans remaining after this:

1-07  $1183.73

1-03  $4141.85

1-08  $3930.83

Total: $9256.41

It is great to see that balance go below the $10000 mark. I am still going to pretend that my payment is $200 a month and continue to add raises, bonuses and any extra money I get from selling my stuff and whatever else may come my way.