Monday, December 28, 2015

The 27th

This is the last student loan payment that I will make for the 2015 year. My next post will be about goals for next year and what I was able to pay this year in total. So here is the breakdown of what I was able to do today. I would have liked to put more towards these loans this month, but with it being the holidays my money went to other places like gifts, Toys for Tots and a family member that just had a baby. Even though I am frantically trying to get rid of these loans, it is still important to be charitable and generous for others who are not as fortunate as you are.

On 11/30 I put back $124.18 from that paycheck which are my raises for the past 2 years.

On 12/15 I put back $124.20 which are my raises from the past 2 years.

On 12/24 I saved my Christmas money of $50 to put towards my loans.

My auto debit was $97.80, and I still pretend that my payment is $200, so I took the difference of $102.20 to add to my loans.

Total: $400.58

I put this towards my 1-05 loan, bringing my total balance on that loan down to $1557.14