Friday, November 27, 2015

The 27th

I love the new website that Navient has on tablets. I found out that it allows you to pay on your loans whenever you want without applying your total to the next payment scheduled. So with this information, I decided to test this out on 11/18 and made a payment on my last 6.8% loan 1-10 to wipe it completely out. Here is the breakdown:

10/30: I put back $500 which is what I normally put in my savings but I decided to apply it towards this loan to get it paid off faster.

10/30: I put back $124.19 which are my raises for the past two years

11/13: I put back $947.08 which is a combination of my quarterly bonus, an extra shift that I picked up and my raises from the past 2 years.


My 1-10 loan had a balance of $1528.85 so I used this to wipe it out so now I am only left with my 2.3% loans.

So today, my new loan payment is $97.80 from paying off the 1-10 loan so I still like to "pretend" that my loan payment is still $200 so I took the difference ($102.20) and the difference between what I put back from end of October and middle of November ($42.42) and applied it towards my 1-05 loan.


The balance on my 1-05 loan is $2111.59 and after today's payment, it will bring the total down to $1966.97

So I only have a total of $17,523.89 left for the combined total of all my student loans.