Saturday, November 28, 2015

A Gift Is Not A Relection of Love, Your Actions Are

On Thanksgiving and Black Friday millions of shoppers went out to find their loved ones the "perfect" gift. Is there really a such thing as a perfect gift ? After the holidays, people struggle with returning gifts that were bought by loved ones simply because "it was a gift" and getting rid of that gift would be a hurtful thing to do since it was something that was given by a loved one, so you hold on to it and never use it and it collects dust and adds to the clutter of your home. Since when do items equate to your feelings for that person?

It shouldn't at all.

Your actions that you show towards your loved ones are a reflection of how you feel towards them everyday, not some item you found in the clearance bin or paid top dollar for. How many times have you received something that you did not like or struggled to find a gift for someone just for the sake of giving a gift? Chances are this happens frequently, so instead of giving your loved ones what you think they want this Christmas, think of what they truly need and give them what they need instead of what they want.

If you know that a loved one is in a situation where they are struggling to pay bills, a gift of cash or a book on budgeting or personal finance may go a lot further than a gift card to a department store.  If a loved one is ill and struggles to take care of basic needs like cooking, cleaning and keeping up their home, give the gift of freezer meals, a house cleaning, or a handy man to take care of those things for them.  These are action gifts that will speak volumes to your loved one instead of a new flat screen television that helps them to escape reality or a gift that just adds to the clutter in their home.

The holidays are more than material gifts, but an appreciation of those that are in your life.