Tuesday, October 27, 2015

The 27th

I am still working on the last ugly 6.8% loan. I plan to have this paid off in full by Nov 27th since Dec 27 falls on a Sunday and the system online will not let you make an extra payment on that date for some reason. Anyways, here is the breakdown which is 2 months worth of saving to make this payment:

On 8/29, I put back $224.28 which was an extra shift, plus my raises for the past 2 years that I pretend that I did not get.

On 9/15, I put back $124.29 which is my raises for the past 2 years.

On 9/21, I received a check for $28.47 from my local consignment shop for clothes that I did not wear anymore.

On 9/30, I put back $124.19, which are my raises I pretended that I did not get

On 10/15, I put back $224.29 which are my raises and money from an extra shift that I picked up.

My auto debited payment amount for my loans was $135.34 and I still put back $200 and pretend that this is still my payment, so I added the difference which was $64.66.

Extra from "pretend payments" for Sept and Oct: $129.32

Total applied to loan 1/10: $854.75

This brought the 1/10 balance down to $1522.61

I plan to pay this loan off on Nov 27th with some extra help from my savings and quarterly bonus and the normal amounts that I put back to pay off the loans.