Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Things Don't Always Go As Planned Sometimes..

So I have been making extra payments for awhile now and this is the first time that I have run into any issues. So the 27th fell on a Sunday, which means that my auto debit did not get taken out until Monday, 9/28 and the online system did not let me make any additional payments on the 28th without having some of the money go towards my next payment. Grrr. I tried different ways to do it so it would take the full amount and not apply part of it to next month's payment, but it would not work.

I thought about mailing in the extra principal and telling them to apply it to loan 1-10, but I don't trust them enough to apply it just to that loan and it may have taken more phone calls to get that straightened out.

I was beyond irritated about this and ended up calling Navient to see if I could make the extra principal payment over the phone. The woman that answered was very helpful and said that she could do that, but the convenience fee for that would be $14. No thanks, I can be patient, so I am waiting until Oct.

So I have $441.61 put back and will apply it to the extra payment on Oct 27

So the other Sunday auto debit this year is in Dec, which is when I planned to pay off the last of the ugly 1-10 loan, so since I ran into this issue now, I plan to raid my savings account again in Nov to just pay off that balance in full in Nov and then save my "overages" to pay extra in Jan 2016 since the 27th falls on a Wednesday.

So frustrating, but hey, that's life sometimes and I know worse things could have happened to prevent me from paying extra on my loan.

So it's always important to have a baseline savings in case of emergencies. I have a savings and have reached what I consider to be a safe amount in there and anything over the baseline, I am saving to pay more on my loans. So when I raid my account again for November to get rid of that loan, it will be overage on my baseline amount, so that way if a true emergency happens, I still have money to take care of the emergency without relying on credit cards.

So I guess I am still on track to paying them all off by the end of 2016. Here's to hoping that nothing else gets in my way :)