Monday, July 27, 2015

The 27th

So I am still working on the 1-10 loan and made another additional payment today. Here is the breakdown:

My auto debit is still $168.51, but I am still putting back $200 and pretending that this is my actual payment which leaves me with a difference of $31.49 to put extra towards my loans this month.

On 6/30, I put back $224.29 from that paycheck which is my raise over the last 2 years I pretended that I did not get, plus payment for picking up an extra shift in June.

On 7/2, I received a reimbursement from my job for my professional license that they pay for, I like to pretend, so this also went towards my loans. If I didn't have an employer that was nice enough to reimburse for my license fee every 2 years, this would have come out of my pocket anyways.

On 7/15, I put back $124.19 which is my raise over the last 2 years that I still pretend that I did not receive.

Total to put extra towards my loans this month: $454.97

My balance when I made this payment on my 1-10 loan was $3822.14 and after making this payment, it brings the balance down to: $3367.17.

Next month, I am hoping that I get my quarterly bonus (fingers crossed) and I ended up picking up two extra shifts this month in July, so my next payment should be over $900. In September, I plan to use my savings account to pay off the other 6.8% loan. I have thought about this a lot and have developed a baseline savings that I am comfortable with and have made a decision that anything over the baseline will also go towards the student loans. My plan is to get enough over the baseline to just pay one of my loans off in full, instead of paying them off a little at a time. So while I am slowly working away at one, I am saving quickly to pay off another high balance loan.