Monday, April 27, 2015

The 27th

Today I had my regularly scheduled payment of $174.91 deducted from my account for my student loans. This amount went down after I paid off my other loan last month. So here is the break down.

On 3/31 I put back $75 from my paycheck which was my raise that I pretended that I did not get.

On 4/13 I put back $57.76 which is what I received from selling my old NES on Amazon

On 4/15 I put back $224.00 from my paycheck which was a combination of my new raise for 2015 and payment for an extra 4 hour shift that I picked up.

On 4/20 I put back $24.32 which I received from my local consignment shop for selling clothes that I no longer wanted.

On 4/27 I received payment from Amazon for selling my weighted hula hoop that I used a few times and decided that it wasn't for me and received $23.52.

I also continue to pretend like my student loan payments are $200 a month, so I subtracted $174.91 from 200 and had an additional $25.09 to put towards my loans.

Grand total put towards my Stafford 1-09 loan: $429.69

As of today, my balance on my 1-09 Stafford loan was $1180.50 and after my payment, I will have a remaining balance of $750.87

In May, my goal is to pay off this remaining balance and move on towards the ugliest loan that bothers me every time I look at it. I am going with the highest balance that I have with a 6.8% interest rate.