Friday, April 10, 2015

So Many Options To Waste Money

Everywhere you look, there are so many options to waste your hard earned money. Temptations are everywhere. If you go grocery shopping, they put non food, colorful items in your view that make you think that you need it. If you get a service done, like getting a hair cut, they may suggest highlights or that you buy a product for your hair. Sales people are very good at trying to convince you to buy things that you don't need.

It is good to know this going in and instead of an automatic "Yes" to every suggestion of something that you should buy, "No" should be the first thing out of your mouth. Sales people do not give up at the first no. If a hair cut, was what you intended to go in for, then a hair cut should be what you walk out with. If it is time to buy conditioner for your hair, you should walk out with conditioner only and not any other item that you may have come across along the way. No one should convince you to hand over more of your hard earned money for something that you were not planning to buy.

Think of all the beauty items that you have that you tried once and didn't like that is taking up space in your bathroom. You decided to get that product because it was going to give you something that you wanted like gorgeous straight hair or beautiful eyes and when you found that it did not deliver what you wanted and you stopped using it and put it away. What makes you think that this product is going to do anything different for you? If you have something that works, keep using it, don't be fooled by ads and pushy sales people that try to convince you otherwise.  No sales person is looking out for what is best for you. Be strong.

I know I became deaf to sales people when I immediately thought that I would like to spend an extra $15 on my student loans than having hot cocoa and an aromatherapy candle burning during my massage. I am so determined to pay them off that nothing is going to shift my focus.

You need to train yourself to not accept every shiny new thing that is dangled before you, so it's important to ask yourself:

Do I need it?

Will I use it?

Would I work an extra hour to pay for this?

Do I already have something like this at home?

Would I rather put this money towards my debt?

The first time you say "No" is liberating and makes you feel more comfortable with the word "No" the more you use it. Look out for yourself, because no one else is and no one knows your best interests like you do.