Friday, March 27, 2015

The 27th (Loan 1-04 Paid in Full Today!)

So today was exciting, I paid off Stafford Loan 1-04. Here is the breakdown of what I did.

I put back $75.00 from my 3/13 paycheck.

I added the difference from the $200 I put back for my regular student loan payment from the automated debited amount of $182.73, which was $17.27.


To pay off the 1-04 loan, the total was $111.91 was what I needed to pay it in full, so I went ahead and just took $19.64 out of my regular spending money just to pay off the balance in full.

So my next loan that I plan to attack is the Stafford 1-09 which has a balance of $1184.62 as of 3/27/15.

The next 27th post should be more exciting, I will have extra shift pay and a raise added that I will pretend that I did not get again this year to pay down the loans faster.

It feels great to pay off another loan installment, I am going to reward myself with a movie from the library since I have a day off work today and have some time to myself. I almost never watch television so this will be a treat for me. If you are doing the same thing, try to reward yourself with something that you enjoy that doesn't involve over-spending or over-splurging.