Friday, February 27, 2015

The 27th

So it's time for my student loan payment for February. I was excited about making this one. I was able to pay an extra $785.20 on my loans this month in addition to my regular payment. This is how I did it:

On 1/30 I put back $75 from that paycheck.

On 2/13 I put back 75 from that paycheck. Also on 2/13, I got my quarterly bonus from work which after taxes was $439.38.

On 2/27 I put back $75 plus the 103.55 for picking up an extra shift this month.

I also subtract the total that is automatically deducted from my payment from $200 since I am still pretending that my monthly payment is $200. So the amount that was deducted was $182.73, so I was able to add an extra $17.27 to my extra payment.

Grand total= $785.20

I applied this to my 1-04 Stafford loan which as of today has a balance of $897.26. So after today (before interest is applied for the month) I will owe $112.06 on this loan before it is paid off and I get to move on to the next one.