Monday, February 2, 2015

Immune to Shopping for Pleasure

Do you ever seem to notice that your weekends go by way too fast? Do you go back to work on Monday morning thinking "I didn't get anything done" or "I feel like I didn't get a day off at all"

Do you ever stop to think what you actually did over the weekend? How did you spend your time? Did you do what you really wanted to do?

Most weekends you see people out shopping for pleasure, aimlessly wandering the rows of endless stuff to clutter your home with. Some people even consider shopping a hobby. I read a lot about minimalism and the articles speak to me. Do I really need another thing to put on my shelf or another thing to add to my wall? No. Minimalism is about getting rid of all the things that you don't need to make room for what you want in life. Over the past 2 years I have been slowly downsizing to get rid of the things that I no longer have use for. These things didn't come into my house overnight, so it takes awhile to go through them to get them out of the house.

  • I have gotten rid of clothes that I not longer like or no longer fit or have to be dry cleaned.
  • I have gotten rid of things that I was just hanging onto just in case I needed them again someday.
  • I have gotten rid of gifts that I was hanging onto, just because it was a gift.
  • I have gotten rid of things that I know I would never use again.
  • I have gotten rid of old electronics that were cluttering up the drawer.
  • I have gotten rid of books that I have read only once and never plan to read again.
  • I have gotten rid of magazines, cookbooks, and phonebooks.
  • I have gotten rid of accessories that I do not like or rarely wear.
  • I have gotten rid of endless paper clutter that I don't need.
  • I have gotten rid of beauty/hygiene products that I know I will never need again.
So with all this decluttering, do you feel like you really want to spend your weekend or time off bringing things into your home that you may end up getting rid of in another 6 months? NO. So in a way, I have become immune to shopping for pleasure. I like to spend my time doing more things.

So now my weekends are filled with naps, walks, reading, writing, work outs, spending time with family and friends, playing with my dog and doing what I want to do.

So when I work on Monday, I feel recharged and refreshed and not like I'm spending all my time working, sleeping and shopping  and doing the mundane things of life that have to be done.

Some weekends, I will spend the entire day either Saturday or Sunday curled up with a good book, because that is what I want to do and I am ok with that.

You just have to figure out what you are ok with doing with your precious weekend time and make it happen.