Saturday, January 31, 2015

The 27th

The 27th is when my payment is due. I had an automated payment of $182.73. Then I added:

$60.00 (put back from my 12/31 check which was my raise which I pretended that I didn’t get)
$36.15 (an Amazon payment for selling an old Nook)
$216.32 (Money that I earned for picking up 2 extra shifts)
$60.00 (put back from my 1/15 paycheck which was my raise that I pretended that I did not get.)
$6.22 (an Amazon payment for selling an old video game-hey every little bit helps.)


Then I always put back $200 for my student loan payment which I will continue to pretend to pay even though my payment has been going down.

$200.00-182.73=$17.27 (I add this difference to my payment.)

Grand total to put towards extra loan payment= $395.96

I applied this to my Stafford Loan 4 to pay down one balance at a time.


Remaining balance $895.83